Piran's Playful Piskies Ltd

Affordable, all weather fun 
& homemade food

  Indoor soft play centre in East Cornwall

Our Team

We are a small, family run business. Our team is more like a family, and we pride ourselves on offering a friendly workplace which hopefully turns in to good customer service. 


Owner, cake baker & events
Piran's is like another child to me, I am truly passionate about it. 

It's certainly had its ups and downs, it's tested us to what we thought were our limits, caused tears and stress beyond belief, but would I have it any other way.... absolutely not. 

We get to meet so many fantastic families and so many of our customers are like friends. 


Owner & chef 
Poor Dan, all these years ago wanted to set up a small, quiet coffee shop/tea room - before Annie jumped on ship - adding "why don't you add a little soft play corner" 

Well, that little soft play corner turned in to Piran's. 

And Dan is now spending his days, greying, in the kitchen in the corner hiding from the chaos of kids!

The inspiration team

Bosses of cake testing and bouncy castle bouncing
The older 2 are the inspiration behind the birth of Piran's, and they're all part of the Piran's team. You'll often see them pottering around, or helping themselves to stock. 

Never did we think we would end up with 4 kids, but we have been blessed and are winging it day by day. Headcounts and gin are essential. 



Zoe (Flo)

Front of house manager / admin
Zoe nicknamed Flo, I'm not sure why she's called Flo but it's stuck now and Zoe doesn't seem like her name anymore. 

Zoe is your main gal, for front of house and party bookings. 

Zoe enjoys the gym, sleeping and Carlsberg. 


Kym, Dan and Annie were in school together. Kym was one of our beautiful bridesmaids. 

Kym has been with us since the beginning. 

Kym likes cheese, has 2 children and is learning British Sign Language. 


Chef apprentice
Mitchell is a born entertainer and certainly the joker of the team. 

Between him and Dan there have been plenty of practical jokes played and no doubt more to come. 

Mitchell loves to dance (as you might have seen in music makers or on his live videos),  and he loves the TV series the Flash - I don't think there's anything he doesn't know about the program. 




Front of house
Lauren is our newest recruit but has had previous experience so has taken to it like a duck to water.

Lauren enjoys horse riding, eating and going to the gym. 


Front of house & apprentice
Maya has been with us 2 years now, and is currently at college doing her front of house apprenticeship. Her goal is to become a wedding planner.

She is a valued member of the team.